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With LES Recruiting Services, our team handles everything including creating your job advertisement, promoting your position, and reviewing candidates.

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Here's what you can expect with LES Recruiting Services:

  • We craft a compelling job advertisement with the help of your input.
  • We proactively search our database and reach out to potential candidates.
  • We promote your opportunity across our entire network of partner sites, as well as on social sites and other online targeted platforms at our expense.
  • We utilize other job promotion tools at our disposal such as email blasts.
  • We screen all incoming applicants and pass along only viable candidates for you to review.
  • We provide other assistance as needed, but conducting final interviews and making a job offer will be solely your discretion.
  • We will continue working on this position for you for predefined period of time, or until you have hired, whichever comes first.


LES Recruiting provides a level of service comparable to traditional recruiting firms for a fraction of the cost. We've invested more than 10 years promoting career opportunities in the eye care industry, and have a database and resources that you simply won't find anywhere else.


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