More Eye Care Professionals Find Jobs On Local Eye Site Than Anywhere Else.


Local Eye Site Recruiting Services

Would you like a premium level of service that goes beyond our basic job listing functionality? With LES Recruiting Services, our team handles everything including creating your job advertisement, promoting your position, and reviewing candidates.


Eye Care Job Advertising

Our smart job-distribution technology targets eye care jobseekers online, and promotes your job listing across the web and to dozens of Eye Care Industry websites all at once, at no additional cost or effort on your part.

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Every job listing on Local Eye Site is promoted through our exclusive network of the best-known Eye Care websites, publications, and associations. Our smart job-distribution technology targets eye care jobseekers online to deliver a higher percentage of qualified jobseekers.

Job Seeker E-mail Blasts

With our ‘Connect2Hire’ jobseeker email blast, you can send your job listing directly to thousands of candidates in our database with just one click. Reach the best candidates even when they’re not actively searching. Sending 1 Connect2Hire with your job ad can generate twice as many applicants as a job listing alone.



Easy-to-use Applicant Tracking

With your Local Eye Site account, you’ll have a hiring dashboard that keeps all of your candidate information and files organized in one place. No more dealing with emailed applications and attachments. All of your history is also saved so you can quickly create a new job ad or reference a previous candidate the next time you need to hire.