Candidate Assessments

The Local Eye Site Assessment has been scientifically proven to predict job performance. Save time reading resumes and quickly identify the best candidates to interview.

Data Driven Recruiting

Make selections based on evidence. Our partners at the University of Pennsylvania developed this assessment to predict job performance, and it is informed by psychology research.

Retain Your Employees

Save time and money by hiring employees that will stick around. High-scorers on the Assessment are 6-times less likely to quit or be fired than those who score low. High-scorers have also been shown to generate 89% more revenue annually than low-scorers.

Interview Effectively

Included with the Local Eye Site Assessment, you’ll receive custom interview guides for each candidate. These guides help you uncover potential problem areas and provide questions based specifically on the candidate’s performance on the Assessment.

Recent Blogs

Stay in the know and gain helpful insights along your candidate- or job-seeking journey. We strive to bring you useful, easy-to-absorb content that applies to your day to day work life.

Here’s How to Find a Job that Supports Your Happiness

Any eye care organization that employees you, should do all it can to create happiness for you at work and help you to grow. However, some employers will take that objective up a notch, and make employee wellness and professional development part of their culture. So, how can you find these organizations that prioritize your

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4 Things Your FREE Jobseeker Dashboard Can Do

If you are searching for a job in ophthalmology, optometry or optical, you’ll find plenty of opportunities posted on Local Eye Site. As a job seeker, you can and access great features, designed specifically for professionals like you, which can be accessed online for free. are superior tools for your search. Read on to see

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3 Ways to Be the Champion of Your Job Search

Have you considered some of the ways you could be crowned the champion of your job search?  In this post, we’ll quickly outline some of the ways you can conquer your career search with three simple steps.  Here we go:  1. Don’t Foul on Technicalities  Technical errors such as spelling and grammar issues on your

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