What Millennial ODs Want in the Workplace

Local Eye Site surveyed over 100 practicing ODs and OD students to learn more about what’s most important to eye care professionals in the workplace. Of our survey respondents, 55% were Millennials (ages 35 and younger) and 24% were Baby Boomers (over the age of 51). Overall, people said the most import thing to them when choosing a job is money and benefits, but when we broke it down by generation, another story was revealed. We outline the major outcomes here so that your practice will know what to offer, or know what to if you already offer some of the benefits below.

Money and benefits are still king

To no surprise, money and benefits were by far the most important factors for a accepting a job regardless of age. People will always be concerned about their salary, health insurance, retirement investment, etc. Making sure you are offering a great plan, even it if is more of an investment for your company, is a great way to attract top talent. Although, Millennials are interested in money and benefits, there is a shift happening where more value is being placed on other factors. People in our survey could only pick one answer, so the Millennials choosing something else are telling us they care about that one factor more than compensation, which is a really strong statement. Location is important and might be a negotiation piece with the right OD

Location came in second place for both generations, which is going to be an element harder for practices to control, however, there are ways to make location a lesser issue by offering a  more flexible schedule. This could mean scheduling all appointments on only a few designated days per week, or shifting start and end times to avoid heavy traffic. It should also be stressed that here at Local Eye Site, we often help to make great matches where the employee is looking to relocate. Don’t overlook applicants from outside your area. These are serious about relocation, and if not with you, they’ll get a job with a competitor. Use this opportunity to make your location your biggest benefit, by making sure to interview out-of-state candidates, seeking your location.

Millennials care far more about company culture than Boomers

Company culture is your office’s personality. It’s the environment you create, you follow, and the general energy given off by the team already in place. The newest generation of workers is very adamant about working for a company where there is a defined company culture where they feel they are a . A large piece of this is value and mission. Millennials really want to do good work and . As an eye care practice, you have a lot going for you already. Your practice helps and positively impacts people directly. Make sure to show how you do this on your website.

Millennials are looking for more flexibility

The 8-hour, 9-5, punch in/punch out culture is not something that excites millennials. We see this because of the importance placed on “Hours” as a response to our survey. Millennials as a generation far more entrepreneurial. They get the job done and that means being able to make decisions as the boss. An OD probably choose their career path largely because they are a leader, so it’s important to let leaders lead and do their work as they see best. If we box them in to the same status quo model, how can we expect a better result?

We hope this article inspires you think deeply about your strategy for attracting the next generation of talent, and what you can do to offer a desirable workplace and culture!

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