Use Social Media to Land Eye Care Jobs

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Looking for ways to amp up your job search? Consider the  and how it can help you. It is reported  that 92% of companies are using social media for hiring. [1]  Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin can all help you to connect with potential future employers or other staff at the eye care practice in your sight, giving you a valuable “in. “

That being said, don’t forget that employers can see all of your social media accounts (unless they are set to private), so you want to put your best face forward online in every way so that you can impress any future employers or colleagues. Make sure you are using social media appropriately. We jokingly like the “Mom Test. ” Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want to show your Mom because most likely, employers aren’t going to find it appealing either! Surely you get the point. Here’s how to make the best out of the most popular social sites to create a professional accounts that will help you land eye care jobs.


LinkedIn has over 300 million users across the world and has established itself as the leading professional social networking site on the web. [2] If you don’t already have an account, and be sure to write down all your professional accomplishments. Use your resume as a guide. If you have an account already, be sure to update it and include a professional photo. Your past and current professional connections are going to be really helpful to you to get a new job, so be sure to connect with anyone you know.  Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your dream company and express your interest. These platforms open a lot of doors for us if we use them. 


Many jobseekers think that only LinkedIn is best for networking and job-seeking, but don’t forget that Facebook has value too. Facebook has around 1. 8 billion users as of January 2017, and according to Jobvite’s 2015 Recruiter Nation Study, 55% of recruiters are using Facebook to find prospective employees. [3] Be sure your Facebook profile is updated with previous work history and professional skills by adding them to the “About” section on your profile. After you have updated your profile, “friend” people or companies you are interested in. You can also “Like” or “Follow” a company’s career page. This shows your interest and it will keep you informed on what messages they are putting out to the public. A company’s social posts help you to learn what motivates them and what’s most important based on what they share be it clinical information, customer promotions, or office and team events. You can use this information to help you engage with them to get an interview or to perform well in an interview. 


The same goes with Twitter. Create an account and use it to. Use your tweets to demonstration just how much knowledge you have about eye care. “Follow” people or organizations who will help you get to where you want to be. A lot of companies will tweet out job openings which allows you to act quickly on a new job. Use social media to leverage your job search by showing off all your accomplishments and who you are. You never know!

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