4 Reasons Why Summer is a Great Time to Hire

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One of the best kept hiring secrets is to take advantage of the summer months, a time when many workers have down time to reflect on their career. Our research on eye care hiring shows that there is no dip in ECP jobseeker activity during the summer. In fact, a lot of jobseekers look to the summer as a particularly great time to apply for new jobs when they have more time in general. There is a national shortage of trained ophthalmic and optometric talent. Eye care employers need to use smart strategies to reach jobseekers where they are with the right timing.

Read on for more reasons why summer is a great time to post a job (even if you don’t yet have a job open).

The Ability to Attract Applicants While on Your Vacation

Get your posted before you go on vacation, and you’ll be glad you did later. A good practice for eye care hiring is to post a job about two weeks before you plan to even review candidates. This gives applicants the time to find the post and get in their materials. Most of us wait to post a job until we really, really need someone, however, you can’t expect a response from a skilled applicant in 24 hours. That’s just not how it works in eye care. But you can be wise about when you wait. It won’t feel like time wasted if you’re on vacation! You can rejuvenate, while still getting things done. 

Jobseekers are Looking for Jobs Now

The best way to get ahead of your hiring needs is to anticipate what roles you might be hiring for a year or more in the future. Most jobs in eye care take at least 90-days to fill from post to hire. If you plan ahead, you’ll be able to get on top of hiring needs before they become urgent.

Consider the rush of the fall season. Almost everyone becomes more busy, including jobseekers who may be parents, or have just more work at their current jobs. Due to the shortage of eye care staff, you’ll be recruiting jobseekers who already have a job, but want to trade up. We have thousands of these jobseekers in our database who historically are open to new opportunities. They are qualified and experienced so that’s perfect for you, but you have to compete for them. If you miss out on attracting them now, your job ad just becomes one of the many posted in September. Attract the best talent by posting a job when the best jobseekers have more free time to look.

College Grads are Searching for Jobs Now

Looking to hire a recent graduate? This is the time to reach those eager to find their first job out of college, and. If you haven’t considered hiring this type, check out the list below of the benefits of hiring recent college graduates:

  • Comfortable with technology and social media platforms
  • Good at accepting change and are excited for it
  • Willing to ask questions and learn
  • Bring new and fresh ideas to the table


There is More Space and Time to Hire and Train

Does your eye care practice slow down over the summer? If so, this is a big win for your hiring needs. Take advantage of the extra time you have and find the best applicants. Make it easy on yourself by balancing your workload with busy and less busy months. This is also a perfect time to train new employees. Identify the most challenging time of year, when you need your best team, and work backwards to determine the correct timeline for hiring. 

Take a calculated approach to the science of hiring, and you’ll find the summer months present a lot of opportunity!

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