Stories of Recruiting Success: RevCycle Partners (installment 1)

While at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, we sat down with Paul Hartge, CEO of RevCycle Partners to discuss their use of the Local Eye Site recruiting platform. The interview was on Sept. 20th, 2019, and here’s what we learned.

When was RevCycle’s Local Eye Site account established? August 27th, 2019, so less than 30 days ago.

What type of position(s) are they recruiting for? At the moment, just Insurance Billing Specialists. They are looking for individuals with insurance billing experience, preferably in eye care.

Recruiting results as of Sept 20th, 2019:

Job ad Views: 2,022

Total Applications: 231

Words in Job Description: 294

Hires so far: 3

What have been a couple of keys to their recruiting success?

  1. Thoughtful effort in creation of their job ad. Several versions were written before they found the version that received a significant response. Being very clear in what they were looking for in the background of candidates was crucial, and as importantly “selling” the upside of the employment opportunity to the potential candidates were the most important aspects of their ad creation.

  2. Use of the Connect2Hire feature. Overnight, RevCycle’s ad went from 2 applicants to over 100 after sending their Connect2Hire e-blast through Local Eye Site.

Is there one feature or benefit of the employment opportunity that has helped RevCycle find staffing success? Yes, the candidates can come from any US geographic region, and they work from home.

Thank you to Paul Hartge for his willingness to spend some time with us, and giving this feedback. Be sure to see the attached video where Paul tells us in his own words about RevCycle’s Local Eye Site experience!

RevCycle is a revenue cycle management company that focuses on increasing the cash flow of eye care practices through improved management of insurance billing, pursuing claims, and precise handling of credentialing and benefits verification to drive increased revenue opportunities for the practice.

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