A Scientifically Proven Way to Actually Hire the Best

Decades of research in organizational psychology demonstrates that eye care practices can significantly improve hiring decisions by incorporating pre-employment testing into the selection process. Even the most skilled HR-professionals, it has been shown, can identify top candidates by reading resumes alone at a rate no better than chance. Of course, most candidates have the ability to portray themselves favorably on a resume. But of those candidates who have well put-together resumes, the most reliable predictor of future job performance remains pre-employment testing. The Local Eye Site Assessment was developed by leading organizational psychologists, and one of the top-rated management professors in the world, . Through large-scale validation studies of real companies and real employee performance data, Dr. Grant and his team found that a simple, 15-minute assessment of nine key behavioral traits would reliably predict which candidates were likely to be the best job performers.

So which traits are so important? And what do they mean? Here’s a summary of the 9 key traits measured by the Local Eye Site Assessment:

  1. Intrinsic Motivation – Finding the work one does to be itself fun and engaging.
  2. Achievement Motivation – Motivation derived from setting and achieving goals. 
  3. Helping Motivation – Being motivated by the desire to help and benefit others.
  4. Purpose Motivation – Viewing a job as one’s calling in life.
  5. Initiative – The ability to proactively develop new ideas, improve existing processes, and overcome barriers.
  6. Cognitive Ability – The ability to learn more, learn faster, and develop more effective working methods.
  7. Conscientiousness – Being hardworking, dutiful, and organized.
  8. Emotional Stability – The tendency to remain calm in the face of negative feedback, pressures, and threats.
  9. Growth Mindset – The tendency to learn from mistakes, to work to improve on weaknesses, and to hone strengths.

The Local Eye Site Assessment has been developed to identify job candidates with the ideal mix of these traits, and to do so in a format that is easy to complete for the applicant. Questions are also administered so that “correct” answers are not obvious to the applicant, and such that truthfulness in answering questions is the most logical and truly the best policy for the applicant. When someone purchases the LES Assessment, they also receive a set of interview questions that are tailored for each candidate. This feature allows the employer to get the most out of an interview. The assessment helps the employer already understand who the candidate is before the interview begins, thus allowing the session to mainly focus on whether the individual is a good fit. To get started with the Local Eye Site Assessment, please visit go.localeyesite.com/candidate-assessments:

If you already have an employer account, log in and click “Candidates” in the left side navigation and then click the green button in the bottom left that says “Candidate Scores” to turn on the assessment right now.  


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