You’re Missing Out If You Are Not Recruiting Nationally

One of the comments we sometimes receive at Local Eye Site is that organizations don’t want to recruit eye care professionals that must relocate in order to accept their position. “We don’t cover the cost of relocation” is something we occasionally hear.

This comes up because we promote the fact that we reach a national audience. For example, over 22,000 Ophthalmic Techs have registered as job-seekers to Local Eye Site over the years, and these technicians are spread across every state in the US. The perception is that if 21,000 of those techs are located in a different state than yours, what good is that to you?

Good question. Read on as we share 3 reasons why national recruiting via Local Eye Site is EXACTLY what your organization should be aiming for:

Hometown Candidates

Just because we reach a national audience doesn’t mean we don’t reach candidates right at your back door! At least 500 Ophthalmic Techs in every US state have already used Local Eye Site to apply for jobs. In addition to those techs already in our database in your state, when posted on Local Eye Site your job also reaches any technician in your community that is actively looking for Ophthalmic jobs, even if they’ve never heard of Local Eye Site. The internet, via search engines and our publication partners, reaches practically anyone, anywhere, including great candidates in your hometown!

Recruit Nationally

We believe you should be recruiting nationally! It’s tough out there—there is a national shortage of Ophthalmic Techs, and if you are only willing to speak to the ones already living in your community, you’ve made it even more difficult to find a good candidate. This doesn’t mean you have to pay for relocation—many techs are moving for reasons already determined, so relocation coverage isn’t necessary. We have many success stories of organizations that hired a professional moving from another state. Don’t miss out on these terrific candidates!


People often say that “word of mouth” or internal referrals are the best sources of great candidates. Our Connect2Hire tool facilitates both! With just a few clicks, you can email your job listing directly to the inbox of tens of thousands of eye care professionals, and since every eye care professional has friends that are doctors, techs and Opticians, word can travel fast! So, even if a candidate in another state isn’t interested in your job, they may have a qualified friend that is local to you, or needs to move to your area. Don’t miss out!

Recruiting eye care professionals in this market is challenging. You need to embrace all of your options in order to improve the odds of finding great candidates. Local Eye Site is your most robust option because through you can reach great candidates in just about every destination imaginable. Whether it’s the Local Eye Site database of over 100,000 eye care professionals, internet search engines, associations and trade publication partners, Google Jobs, social media, or job aggregators, Local Eye Site has you covered!

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