Local Eye Site Sponsoring Scholarship for Ophthalmic Technicians


For the 5th consecutive year, we’re funding a grant to assist with the cost of your Ophthalmic certifications. Please read our announcement below and apply! 

Local Eye Site is funding grants for Ophthalmic Medical Technicians seeking certification from The Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO). The application process is now open for the Local Eye Site Certification Grant.

Persons seeking scholarship may apply by completing an application form and submitting a brief essay or digital video. Grants are awarded as vouchers to be used towards discounts for the JCAHPO certification examination fee. Awards range from $50 to $340 and are valid for one year from the date the voucher is issued. Applications will be accepted August 1st through November 30th.

The application form can be found at:


Since 2015, grants have been awarded to eye care professionals to cover the cost of the exam. A few grantees’ professional stories have been featured here on the Local Eye Site blog. Recipients included a former member of the U.S. Air Force, an Optician turned Ophthalmic Technician, and a health care policy graduate student at Columbia University.

Brad McCorkle, Founder of Local Eye Site, said about the scholarship program, “We understand the important role that well-equipped Technicians play in the delivery of quality ophthalmic care. Our goal with the Local Eye Site grant is to support continued advancement in the quality of ophthalmic patient care available, and hopefully to encourage more Allied Health professionals to consider a career in Ophthalmology. ”

JCAHPO enhances the quality and availability of ophthalmic patient care by promoting the value of qualified allied health personnel and providing certification and education. Certifications include the Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA®), Certified Ophthalmic Technicians (COT®), Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologists (COMT®), Ophthalmic Surgical Assistant (OSA®), Registered Ophthalmic Ultrasound Biometrists (ROUB®), Certified Diagnostic Ophthalmic Sonographers (CDOS®), Corporate Certified Ophthalmic Assistants (CCOA®) and the Ophthalmic Scribe (OSC®).

“We could not be more pleased to partner with Local Eye Site for these certification grants,” Melvin I. Freeman, MD, FACS, Chair of the Foundation, stated. “Their support of Ophthalmic Medical Technicians meets a real need and demonstrates a shared support of the eye care community.”

The Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO) established the JCAHPO Education and Research Foundation in 1990 to fund compelling needs in ophthalmic medical assisting, i. e. , expansion of training programs through scholarships, development of certification in subspecialties, and continued research into psychometric methods of testing and simulation of tasks critical to ensure valid and reliable examinations. The mission of the Foundation is: To expand and strengthen the delivery of eye care. For more information, visit: http://www.jcahpo.org/

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