New Research Shows Retaining Eye Care Staff Will Become More Difficult

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As an employer, you have to be prepared to manage employee transitions. More often than not, you won’t be prepared for a resignation letter, and even a two weeks notice is rarely enough time to find a quality replacement. In a recent study, Gallup found that 51% of employees are actively searching for a new job or are keeping an eye out for new openings. This means that up to half of your current staff could be looking for their next job right now.

This research demonstrates how important it is to retain current employees, and to plan ahead for hiring new staff. Here are a few ways that you can start working on both.

Focus on Building an Employer Brand and Workplace Culture

According to Glassdoor, employees are leaving their current jobs for improvements in salary, workplace culture, or to find new growth opportunities. In Ophthalmology in particular, there aren’t enough trained, qualified staff to go around, so employers are finding themselves competing with each other for a limited talent pool. If you haven’t already, it’s time to develop a company brand to demonstrate all of the many reasons why your practice is a great place to work. Developing an employment brand may seem challenging, but here are a few ways to go about thoughtfully crafting that brand:

  • Send out a survey asking your customers about your services. This will help you be sure you understand what sets you apart in the eyes of customers. Your staff can take pride in this distinction.

  • Survey your current employees on what they like and dislike about their work environment. This exercise can help you make improvements before they turn in to bigger problems, and help you craft messaging to prospective employees about what current staff loves about the job already.

  • Promote customer and employee reviews on social media. Sometimes you have to be proactive about requesting those good reviews!

Think Long-Term with Your Hiring Strategy and Always Seek Out Talent

After nearly a decade of collecting data on eye care hiring, we’ve found that on average it takes at least 90 days to find a good fit for an open position. It’s usually important to get a head start on this timeline and to post jobs before you have an urgent opening to fill. It’s better to plan ahead, and posting positions year round ensures that you won’t miss out an a great candidate that happens to be moving to your area for other life-related reasons.

Keep Your Team Engaged

Gallup also discovered that 68% of employees believe they are overqualified for their current job, meaning they have more education, experience, or training than what’s required for their current. Why not embrace the fact that you have a talented team? Challenge your team by helping them to take continuing education or certification courses. Give some thought to different levels of promotion or scales in salary you can offer your employees. Consider creating volunteer opportunities that give a chance for your employees to get greater satisfaction from serving their communities. Think about ways to provide team trainings and get the entire staff engaged on becoming a more talented, efficient, and effective group as a whole. Try out a few of these ideas this month and see for yourself the positive changes in employee engagement and satisfaction!

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