It’s Getting Tougher To Find Quality ECPs


At Local Eye Site, we interact with thousands of HR Managers, eye care administrators and recruiters. These professionals are tasked with recruiting Optometrists, Ophthalmic Techs, Opticians, salespeople, and other types of professionals in the eye care space. The feedback we’re getting from our customers is that the recruiting landscape in eye care is an exceptionally challenging one.

This should not be surprising. Due to our aging population, increasing life span, the Affordable Care Act and other factors, our economy is adding healthcare jobs at a record pace. Nearly one in four new jobs created in 2016 was in healthcare. All this means is that healthcare professionals, and especially eye care professionals are in higher demand than ever.

A recent survey of 3300 HR Professionals by SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) confirmed our feeling that recruiting professionals are having a more difficult time finding talent, and the challenge is greatest in healthcare. In the survey, across all industries, 68% of HR professionals reported recruiting difficulty and skills shortages. Healthcare reported the highest level of recruiting difficulty of all industries with 81% of healthcare HR professionals reporting significant challenges. 51% reported that the main problem was a low number of applicants for open positions. It was also reported that local markets were not producing the kinds of talent needed to fill positions.

Although there is no short-term fix for the fact that there are not enough eye care professionals to meet the demand for them, there are some things you can do to compete. It’s starts with pro-active measures to build a solid Employer Brand that will attract top talent. Promoting this Employer Brand year-round, and not waiting until your recruitment needs are acute is also an important factor. The SHRM survey indicated that 49% of HR Mangers are expanding their recruitment advertising efforts. 44% reported that expanded recruitment advertising had been an effective strategy, and 40% said targeting passive job-seekers was also an effective strategy.

At Local Eye Site, despite the tougher recruiting environment, we’ve worked diligently to improve our effectiveness and help eye care employers compete for the best and brightest. We’ve enjoyed a steady increase in the number of total applications and applications per job on We’ve also considerably grown the size of our job-seeker database, accessible through our Connect2Hire product. Lastly, we’ve added helpful new recruitment services like Employer Branding pages and pre-employment assessment tools. Visit Local Eye Site today and let us equip you to recruit better during challenging times.

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