How To Create An Employer Brand: Part 3

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This our third and final post on Employment Branding! Check out the first two posts in the series, Part 1 and Part 2. Now that you’ve done a great job of researching and crafting your employment brand, keep up the momentum!

Step 4: Stay on Top of Things

Even a small company has to be diligent about its employment brand. Just as social media platforms are a great place to broadcast your brand, review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor are both places where feedback from customers and even employees may be recorded. Glassdoor allows present and former employees to provide reviews of working at your company and gives a more direct evaluation of you as an employer. As with any review site, you should check posted comments and reviews on a routine basis. Always be kind and courteous to commenters/reviewers – displaying negativity can only be harmful. Take comments in stride and use this as an opportunity to go above and beyond. After all – the customer is always right!

Step 5: The Benefit/Payoff

Maintaining a positive employment brand is about more than just perception. By committing to your vision for how to treat your employees, you’re investing in your most important resource. Not only can this reduce turnover and make it easier to attract quality candidates, but you’ll see a higher level of commitment and productivity from your existing employees along the way. The payoff of an Employment Branding strategy can be exponential, and should be taken as seriously as other marketing endeavors for your products and services.

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