How To Create An Employer Brand: Part 2

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In the first post in our series on employer brand, we introduced the concept of an employer brand, and the importance of creating a positive employer brand. Every organization, no matter how large or small, has one, and your brand as an employer can be critical to attracting and retaining talented employees.

Your first step was to create a brief survey for your customers and employees. This should equip you with valuable data about how your customers/employees perceive your business, and guide you in the areas that you should emphasize or further develop as part of your employer brand / company culture.

Step 2: Identify and Build on Your Strengths

The feedback you get through surveying is going to help you create that distinctive image which will set you apart from your competitors. It may include a commitment to community service, providing mentorship or coaching to help employees realize professional goals, or a desire to provide services and benefits that will enhance the quality of private lives (e. g. on-site daycare, college debt counseling, etc. ) The greatest benefit from seeking input from current employees is a better sense of ownership. Their opinions, after all, are now part of the creation of your brand. You can impress on the staff the importance of the brand, how it is going to improve success, and what their roles you all play in sustaining this positive image.

Step 3: Champion your Brand

Now that you know what your company/employer brand is all about, get the word out! Making use of Social Media is a good place to start. A LinkedIn page is important because this will be a place many prospective employees may go to investigate your company as part of their job search. Refining your presence online is essential, and is your chance to curate the image of your company in the place it is found most often; a Google search. Facebook is also a great place for a small business to showcase its culture. If you are worried that having a number of social media accounts will take up all of your time, that’s okay. Start with one platform at a time to become familiar, and when you get to a point where you have multiple accounts that you’re trying to manage, a platform like Buffer will allow you to schedule several messages to different platforms all at once.

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