How Employee Turnover Could Affect Your Eye Care Practice

Guest Post by Janelle Pauli from VisionWeb 

Just about every business experiences the effects of employee turnover at one point or another. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere, and sometimes it happens all at once. And if it has happened at your eye care practice then you already know the effects of dealing with employee turnover. If you’re in the lucky group of small businesses who haven’t had to cope with employee turnover we’ve got a list of 4 ways your practice will be affected if it happens, followed by 4 tips for dealing with it.

4 Ways Employee Turnover Affects Your Eye Care Practice

Decreases Customer Satisfaction and Trust

The staff in your practice spend a lot of face time with your patients. And if your patients come into your office and see new faces each time, they might start to notice and wonder why you aren’t holding on to your employees. And especially when it comes to healthcare, your patients are going to look to do business with a practice they can trust.

Decreases Productivity

Whenever you lose an employee there is going to be work in your practice that isn’t getting done. Not only is that ex-employee’s work not being completed, but also it’s going to affect the productivity of the rest of the staff. They might be trying to pick up some of the slack and work left behind which will only cause their own productivity to decrease if the work keeps building up.

Decreases Employee Morale

This goes hand in hand with productivity. If your other employees are picking up extra work, it could affect how they start feeling about their role. Employee turnover creates distractions in the office, and can have a ripple effect, where you could lose more than just one employee in your office.

Increases Costs

So far, everything we’ve listed is going to affect the profit of your practice. There is the potential of lost sales and production delays if work is being left unfinished. It’s also going to take time to search, hire, and train a new employee to fill the spot – and time is money!

4 Strategies for Dealing with Employee Turnover

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

If you are suffering from high turnover take a minute and figure out why your employees are leaving. Are they unhappy with their pay? Benefits? Vacation time? We know this can be a hard one to compete with as a small business, but try and come up with some unique benefits that other practices in your area might not be offering.

Cross Train Your Employees

Cross training your employees is going to help your practice stay up and running if you end up losing an employee. Having employees that are comfortably able to help pick up some of the slack if this happens is going to be extremely helpful.

Think Long Term During the Interview

Make sure you’re taking the time to find quality applicants to fill your open positions. Take a look at the employees that have stuck around your office for years. What types of qualities do they offer, and what about their job is keeping them around?

Make Sure Your Software is Easy to Learn

To help lower costs of bringing on and training new employees, make sure that you’re using a practice management and EHR system that offers great training. And, if you use a cloud-based system, your new employees will be able to train on the system from any device with an Internet connection, even from home! It’s also going to help if your system has an intuitive workflow and looks similar to a paper exam. The first few weeks on a new job can be very stressful, so having software that is easy to learn and up-to-date is going to help your new hires feel more comfortable in your office.

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