Eye Care Employers, Don’t Be Fooled by the Holiday Hiring Myth

The assumption is that hiring slows down over the holidays. However, our database, which holds a decade of hiring histories specific to ophthalmology, optometry, and optical, shows no signs of seasonality. Thousands of job seekers are still active during November and December, and plenty new jobs are being posted too.

In short, the holiday hiring myth is absolutely NOT TRUE for eye care sectors.

This might be because on average it takes three months to hire in eye care. Smart hiring managers realize that if they want to hire at the start of the year, it’s vital to be advertising and recruiting now.

We’ll break down the Holiday Hiring Myth with these 4 examples of how this time of year is actually great for hiring.

Top Talent Is Looking Now

Our website data shows that eye care job seekers are very active in December, including those who we define as top talent. Top talent includes individuals who score high on the candidate assessment, which you can turn on for your listing at any time. The test, which is backed by science and developed by our partners at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, looks for individuals with many traits including motivation.

Motivated applicants are using their time off wisely and setting their professional goals for 2018. A job ad up now will capture more of these applicants, who, by searching now, are proving they can stick to the course, even when there are a lot of distractions.

There Are More Ways to Save Money

Most e-commerce websites have their best deals running the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and we’re no exception. Until November 30th, 2017, we’re offering one free month when you post a job for two months. This is perfect, because the average listing requires three months to make a good hire. It’s the best deal for your ideal hiring timeline.

This offer will save your company hundreds of dollars. In general, the holidays are a great time to find promotions, and if you miss this one, you can call us to see if we might be running any other offers.

It’s a Good Time to Stand Out

Although we don’t see this trend in eye care, most people do believe that hiring is slow during the holidays. This could help you to stand out above your competition if they have already checked out. However, the real benefit is that job seekers are seeing your ad now. Hiring takes time, and it’s important to get your message out early, even if you don’t plan to hire until 2018.

You Get A Head Start on 2018

Even more to our point, January and February are by far the most busy months for hiring. If you don’t post your job ad until these months, you’re likely to be too late. There is a national shortage of trained eye care professionals. To find quality staff to hire, you need to advertise as early and as widely possible to not miss out on talent that might already be interviewing. Many of our most successful companies hire year-round.


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