Expert Advice for Hiring During Vision Expo West

We caught up with our recruiting experts, Bridger Davenport Costin (B) and Kelli Dupree (K), both seasoned Vision Expo West attendees, to ask them a few questions about the event. From years of experience in eye care hiring, they share great advice on using the event’s momentum to find top talent for your eye care organization. They also let you know what to expect at the conference:

Do you have any advice for first-time attendees?

B:  Let your outgoing self shine — this is a great opportunity to meet people with similar businesses who face similar problems. There’s a lot to be learned!

K: Vision Expo is a great chance to mingle and meet with potential jobseekers and OD Students. Try to make connections and follow through with them! Also, there are tons of free events to attend, so it’s a great time to further gain knowledge.

What advice would you give those at Vision Expo West who are currently hiring?


B: Be patient, but diligent, and invest the time in making a quality hire. Making a bad hire is a huge waste of time and money so spending a little extra to ensure that you’re making a sound decision will lead to lower turnover and higher revenue!

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K: We love spreading the message about our niche product because we know how valuable hiring great staff is for small and large companies alike. Now is the time to start looking for your next team member. The energy from Vision Expo West is contagious and top talent will be reaching out to new connections and be inspired to move their career forward. Post a job on Local Eye Site now to capture that talent for your own eye care organization.

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