Dr. Charles Eifrig on Hiring & Why Tech-Savvy Employees Can’t be Beat

Many ophthalmologists would agree that finding the right ophthalmic technician, and developing and retaining that relationship, can positively effect patients’ experience and the business overall. We knew that our customer, at Retina Associates of Orange County in California, hired a great tech who has been with him for three years, so we caught up with him to get more details on how other practices can hire the best.

Read on to learn more about Dr. Eifrig’s hiring story, the problems that were solved by the finding the right person, and his strategy for personnel success.

Tell us about a time that proved you hired an outstanding Ophthalmic Technician.

Since 2011, we hired dozens of outstanding Ophthalmic technicians through Local Eye Site. They have adapted to our clinic within a few weeks and became key members to the practice. We hired Michael through Local Eye Site back in 2015 and he had no previous ophthalmic technician experience. Now he is one of our senior ophthalmic scribes who leads 5 other ophthalmic technicians in a busy clinic. According to Michael, he applied for an ophthalmic assistance position through Local Eye Site because he grew his passion for helping elders while he was working in a local restaurant. I believe Local Eye Site opened an opportunity for him.

Can you give us an example of a problem that you and your tech solved together?

Our practice adopted electronic medical record system in 2014. Within a month with the new EMR system, we were able to go live with minor transition difficulties. I believe it was possible because we hired young, bright, and tech savvy technicians through Local Eye site.

What would you say defines a successful hire? Has your tech saved you time, money, brought new ideas to the practice, or all of these?

We believe when both parties, employer and employee, are happy with the employment, then we can call it a successful hire. The company saved time and money by hiring bright, young, and fast learning people. Employees earned much experience by working in the clinic, which is a great opportunity for those who seeks career in health care service.

What do you look for when hiring?

Even though the hiring decisions are made after interviews, there are a few factors we look for carefully on the resumes. We look at their passion in ophthalmology, work experience, education, and previous employment history. We know you can find an amazing ophthalmic technician today.

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