Here’s Why You Should Book a Company Retreat

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Company retreats are fun morale boosters for your team, that can also help to improve your business. Use them as an opportunity to award your staff with a trip or a meal, while facilitating productive conversations. Retreats provide a platform to fix problems, like employee conflicts, revenue growth stalls, or on-going patient complaints.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to change your environment. Here’s a few fun retreat spots that are affordable:

  • Trendy co-working spaces that rents conference rooms for a day (Free coffee and rustic decor usually included!)
  • Your backyard (Outdoor picnics work extremely well. Just bring a white board.)
  • A friend or relative’s weekend mountain or beach house
  • An Airbnb rental (This could be in an unique nearby location. They have tree houses!)
  • An event space or restaurant that’s sleepy during the week
  • A nearby campground or a park

Here’s why these retreats really work:

Allows your team to bond

A little adventure comes along all retreats. Whether it’s car pooling, pitching a tent, or making a meal together, great team bonding exercises will happen naturally. This a great way to learn more about who you have hired and it’s likely to improve life back at the office.

You also get the chance to do something nice for the team. People remember and appreciate kindness. John Hall, a writer for Forbes states that, “Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their leaders are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond for the company and hold themselves accountable for their part of a project.” [1]

Provides dedicated time to solve issues or design strategy

Is your team stuck on a project? Sometimes it takes getting away from the issue to actually solve it. Your practice has to be 100% focused on the immediate needs of patients during the normal hustle. This leaves little time for long-term planning and discussion around how to make improvements.

You might have something on your desk now, an article, a complaint, or proposals for various facilities upgrades, that keep being pushed to the side. A retreat gives you that platform to address the whole group about changes that effect everyone.

You could also bring in experts or motivational speakers to provide continuing education and inspiration at your retreat

Exposes hidden talents

The office environment does not allow for your team to show off their other talents. Here are some examples of people whose hidden skills can be great for the office:

  • A social media guru
  • A seasoned builder or home-improver
  • A great cook or caterer
  • A skilled financial planner
  • A talented painter (Free art!)
  • A people person with excellent crisis-management skills or diplomacy
  • A person knowledgeable about emergency preparedness
  • A great musician (Your holiday party could use the upgrade.)
  • A smart negotiator

A company retreat is an awesome opportunity to expose your employee’s hidden talents and also a way for you to show off yours.


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