9 Traits That Predict Job Performance

Decades of scientific research in the field of Organizational Psychology have shown again and again that 9 traits are the most reliable predictors of future job performance. Our partners at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, led by world-renowned author and researcher, Dr. Adam Grant, developed the Local Eye Site Candidate Assessment to assess candidates on these 9 traits that fit in to 3 broad categories: Cognitive Ability, Personality, and Motivation.

The 9 Traits:

Cognitive Ability

  • Cognitive Ability – Also known as “IQ”, is the strongest single predictor of future job performance. Candidates with high cognitive ability are able to learn more, learn faster, and develop more effective working methods.


  • Initiative – Proactively develop new ideas, improve existing processes, and overcome barriers.
  • Conscientiousness – Hardworking, dutiful, and organized.
  • Emotional Stability – Tendency to remain calm in the face of negative feedback, pressures, and threats.
  • Growth Mindset – Tendency to learn from mistakes, work to improve on weaknesses, and hone strengths.


  • Intrinsic Motivation – Find the work itself to be fun and engaging.
  • Achievement Motivation – Motivated by setting and achieving goals.
  • Helping Motivation – Motivated by the desire to help and benefit others.
  • Purpose Motivation – Viewing the job as one’s calling in life.

Candidates that score high in these traits on the Local Eye Site Assessment are proven to be better future job performers than those who score low. Some of the outcomes Dr. Grant and his team have proven to be characteristic of high-scorers include: lower turnover, more promotions, generating higher sales revenue, higher supervisor ratings, and higher customer service ratings. Even more impressive, the Wharton team figured out how to reliably evaluate these 9 traits in an assessment that takes only 10 minutes to complete.

With the Local Eye Site Assessment seamlessly integrated with your job application process, candidates are prompted to complete the Assessment immediately after submitting their resume, and Local Eye Site leads the industry with a 96% assessment completion rate. 

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