3 Ways To Think Strategically When Recruiting

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Whether you’re part of an HR team for a large company, or you’re responsible for hiring for your small business, these 3 tips can help you turn hiring into an opportunity.

Make the decision to invest in staffing and retention as a strategic function of your business. 

Don’t allow this component of your business to become an afterthought of the day to day operations; try to proactively get ahead of your recruiting before the problem becomes acute. There’s nothing wrong with anticipating the future needs of your business, whether due to regular growth or turnover. The easiest time to recruit is when you don’t need to hire right away, and getting more candidates on your radar can make things easier when an urgent need suddenly pops up.

Diversify your recruiting footprint.

Most professional recruiters know that it’s not realistic  to rely on a single source of job applicants. Expanding your reach through multiple channels greatly improves your chances of finding that ideal candidate. Utilizing only free resources or relying solely on word of mouth to fill openings may save money on short term expenses. But if this strategy prevents you from making the absolute best hire possible, then you’re left to with much greater expenses from lost production, costs of turnover, or both.

Advertise the open job position

When it comes time to place your ad, take this opportunity to showcase why your company is a great place to work. For your organization to compete for top talent, you’ll need to make sure you create compelling job advertisements. If you haven’t already, check out our article on crafting a great job description, for tips on creating your advertisement.

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