Jobseekers: Take These 3 Steps And Advance Your Eye Care Career

At Local Eye Site, one part of our mission is to support eye care professionals by helping you advance your career in the eye care industry. Read on to see our advice for having the best career imaginable.

1. Apply Yourself

Applying for jobs on Local Eye Site, as opposed to a national job board with no tie to our industry, helps you stand out as an industry insider and professional serious about a career in eye care, not just an inexperienced person looking for work in any industry. Employers typically post jobs on Local Eye Site because they are looking for candidates with a background in the Ophthalmic, Optometric or Optical industries, and the reality is that most job-seekers that regularly visit Local Eye Site are professionals with backgrounds in eye care.

Put yourself in the position of the employer reviewing applicants. Assuming you wanted someone with eye care experience, wouldn’t you take candidates more seriously if you knew they found your job listing because of their affiliation with  ATPO, JCAPHO, the Opticians Association of America, or because they read industry journals such as Review of Optometry or Review of Ophthalmology Magazines? Sure you would!

So you can apply to jobs on Local Eye Site and know that you’r application will be taken seriously and is desired. You just have to be applying and putting your best face forward often. Apply to jobs now.

2. Stay Informed

If you’re an Ophthalmic Technician, Optician, Optometrist, Ophthalmologist or any kind of eye care professional that is serious about fast-tracking your career, you should follow the Local Eye Site Blog. Our blog is full of helpful tips, tools, advice, information and opportunities for the ECP looking to rise to the top of their profession. For example, check out this opportunity to receive an Ophthalmic Technician scholarship from Local Eye Site!

Share what you are reading to show your thought leadership in eye care. You can do this easily by using the social share buttons on each one of our posts or the click to tweet boxes like the one below.

3. Take Advantage of New Opportunities

Are you curious what different types of opportunities exist for a person with your professional experience? For example, as an Ophthalmic Technician, if you believe that the only opportunities that exist are in a clinical capacity, you would be wrong!  One example of an opportunity outside of a strictly clinical role is with software companies. EMR companies regularly utilize Local Eye Site to hire Customer Service or Training Representatives, and they are often looking for professionals with a background as a Tech. If you’re an Optometrist that wants to try something new, perhaps working in a corporate setting in a professional services role, then regularly visit Local Eye Site to see what kinds of opportunities are out there!

The eye care industry is a dynamic one with lots of opportunity for the experienced professional that takes their career seriously. Local Eye Site is completely dedicated to serving our industry, and helping you advance your career by making sure you’re equipped with the latest information and opportunities available.

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