3 Interview Lessons To Learn from a Performing Artist

A successful interview is like a spectacular performance, acted out by a comedian, danced by a prima ballerina, a talented pianist, or – in your case – aced by a candidate for a job opportunity. By simply observing performing artists, it isn’t hard to see that they have a lot of interview advice to offer. This post suggests three easy ways for you to mimic performing artists and bring your “A” game to your next job interview.

1. Rehearsals Make all the Difference

Comedians will rehearse their jokes until they know it like the back of their hand. They know the moments they should leave an awkward pause or the times hand gestures are appropriate. For any interview, rehearsing your answers to potential questions is a must. Have evidence that support why you’re a problem solver or know examples of when you have showcased leadership skills. Mock interviews are like rehearsals because that is where and when you can practice, make mistakes, and know how to perform better for the real deal.

2. Dress the Part

Costuming is crucial for principal dancers because their costumes are what differentiate them from the corps de ballet, or the body of non-soloist dancers. So if you want to stand out at your interview, dress sharp; put on that tie or wear that pencil skirt. When you dress the part, you show that you have respect for your potential employer and you too will stand out from the rest of the candidates. [1]

3. Don’t Forget to Smile

Without a doubt, smiling is an important part of the interview process. Comedians smile and invite their audience to laugh at their own jokes; dancers smile to emanate an effortless air while they perform. At an interview, smiling can help make you feel less nervous, while giving yourself a little confidence boost. Smiling is a form of positive body language to which interviewers are extremely attentive. An interviewer is mostly likely to reciprocate if he or she sees you smiling, thus lowering the overall tension in the room and making it easier for you to be yourself at the interview. [1]

Now that you know there are three easy ways you can transform a mediocre interview into a spectacular interview performance, what’s holding you back? Start rehearsing those answers, preparing your wardrobe, and putting on a smile because you, yes you, have the power to wow your interviewer! You may not win a Tony for this performance, but we have a feeling that a new job is worth more to you than a hunk of metal on a shelf any day of the week.

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