3 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Search for New Eye Care Jobs

So you want a new job in eye care. Great! The field is booming with opportunities. We help tons of qualified jobseekers in Ophthalmology, Optometry, and Optical find new, rewarding careers every day.

We have thousands of jobseekers come to our site for nearly 10 years, and here’s what we learned about seamless job searching that gets results.

Target your search

Carving out your place in the professional space is really challenging. Maybe you loved the benefits offered at your last practice, but the drive was awful, or there wasn’t enough opportunity to grow. So you’re looking, but specifically at Optometry, definitely at a precise location, and certainly a company with a great reputation.

All jobs on Local Eye Site are from a definitive community—your community. It’s all eye care jobs that can be easily segmented out by job title and location. Job ads frequently tell all about the company seeking new employees.

If you are using job sites that do not hone in on your industry, then you’re wasting time filtering out all the noise, ads, mis-categorizations, and you risk feeling like there is nothing out there for you. That feeling is totally toxic and can stop your job search cold for the rest of the day.

Don’t rely on Craigslist

For many of the same reasons, Craigslist is way too cluttered for a focused, successful search, however, there is another really troubling way that Craigslist can interrupt your job search.

Craigslist attracts tons of applicants. It has a reputation for it actually, so employers posting on Craigslist are already expecting tons of replies and lot of toss-out applications. Does this sound like a good mentality for a healthy sorting process where you can stand out? No!

Don’t get your application deleted because of a mistake extra click when doing mass deletes, or risk it not even opened because of being buried in some nightmarish inbox!

The best way to stand out is to go against the current. Send thoughtful, complete applications to employers who have invested the time to find you online on an attractive, industry-specific site, and you’ll win more interviews in half the time.

Automate whenever possible

Technology allows us to have amazingly cool, smart little helpers for job-seeking. Be sure to use the free tools that you have right at your fingertips. What do you do everyday? Do you check your email? Then why not sign up for free job alerts from Local Eye Site where you can get the jobs you want emailed to you?

Do you jump onto Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in every morning? Follow Local Eye Site and you’ll get jobs showing up in your feed and helpful articles for your job search.

Job searching is tough, but you can make the most of it by having a strategy to make the search quick and efficient. We believe in you.



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