I Spent 3 Days Advocating for Vision Healthcare on Capitol Hill and Here’s What I Learned about Eye Care Hiring

by Brad McCorkle

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As Founder and CEO of Local Eye Site, I believe it’s critical to give back to the industry that pays our bills. I serve on the national board of directors for Prevent Blindness, an organization dedicated to the preservation of sight for millions of Americans. I recently participated in Prevent Blindness’ Eyes on Capitol Hill day by lobbying with my fellow board members to Congress. We asked for additional federal funding for programs that increase access to care that would prevent eye disease for those who can afford it the least. Visit our See Now campaign for more information.

After three days on the Hill, it became clear to me that Local Eye Site is so successful in connecting employers to incredible eye care talent due to industry involvement such as this event. We’ve created a hiring process that works best because of our industry knowledge, smart partnerships, a capable team, and a mission to bring positive change to the industry at large.

Eye care hiring is niche because not just anyone can do it

What differentiates a niche employment website from other job boards? Is it simply about the name and the kinds of jobs on the site? Those things are important, but I believe the true differentiator of a quality niche board is the level of involvement the company and staff that run the board devote to the industry they serve.

Next time you hear about new job board with a name like “OphthalmologyCareers.com,” ask yourself the next set of questions. Does this eye care job board serve the Ophthalmic or Optometric industry in any way, other than taking money for job postings? Do they give back to our industry in any way? Do they form relationships with the publications, groups, schools and associations that educate our professionals? If the answer to these questions is no, then you may want to ask yourself if you’re really posting on a niche board, or just a site with a niche name.

There must be a healthy job climate to grow and sustain the industry

Local Eye Site has formal partnerships with industry educational groups and associations such as ATPO, JCAHPO, OAA, and the CLSA just to name a few.  Our relationships provide funding opportunities for these organizations that educate and represent some of our most capable eye care professionals and invest in developing more eye care talent. Local Eye Site also funds scholarships for Ophthalmic Technicians through the JCAHPO Foundation. These scholarship help certification pursuing techs afford the materials and testing necessary for the certification.

You’re best bet is to align with experience, knowledge, and association

Not only is this level of involvement in our industry a way to give back, it’s also a great way to make a very effective niche job board for employers and ECP jobseekers. Our dedication to Ophthalmology, Optometry, and Optical makes Local Eye Site a household name for thousands of techs, ODs, Opticians and more. The result is that jobseekers get the kinds of jobs they are interested in applying to, without having to sift through hundreds of irrelevant jobs, a lot of free resources. For employers, this means applications from experienced and qualified ECPs.

If you’ve never met anyone from Local Eye Site, or we aren’t yet a household name for you, please come say hello at the next eye care related trade show you attend. We’ll probably be there exhibiting and making new friends in the industry. We’d like to know you too!

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