3 Amazing Advantages of Connect2Hire E-blasts

Did someone on your team unexpectedly quit or move on? These types of situations leave optometry and ophthalmology practices short-staffed and result in everyone having to take on extra work. Frequently, practices in these scenarios are in a rush to fill their freshly vacant position.

With Connect2Hire, Local Eye Site has created a tool to fill this gap on your team even faster. Now you can contact thousands of qualified applicants easily. Read on to learn three efficient ways that our Connect2Hire emails get attention and action from eye care professionals.

Find Employees Quickly

Connect2Hire emails are a way to reach the inboxes of thousand of jobseekers looking for your currently opportunity. It spotlights your company brand and open position, and it’s entirely your email. Although posting a job online is a great start — especially with Local Eye Site where our smart technology targets eye care jobseekers online, as well as to our network of leading eye care institutions, publications and associations — there is no certainty of receiving that perfect applicant right away.

Email has become the first place most of us follow top news, keep up with friends and family, do business, and hear from your favorite brands. This inbox has value! If top eye care talent hear from you in their email, you have a greater opportunity to get their attention.

Reach Passive Jobseekers

Don’t assume the only people you can hire are those currently unemployed. One of the most valuable aspects of Connect2Hire is that it allows you to reach a large pool of potential applicants that may not be actively engaged in a job search, but would be open to new opportunities. These passive job seekers won’t otherwise know about your opportunity unless you tell them about it!

Feature Your Employer Brand

Dedicated emails provide another chance to highlight your practice as a desirable place to work. Interviews work both ways! The candidate has to love you just as much for a fit to happen, and many of the workers in our field, especially Ophthalmic Technicians, are in high demand. Show them why your practice is the right next step in their career. Some great points to highlight in your job advertisement include salary, benefits, company culture and location.

If these advantages still haven’t convinced you, we ran the stats and found that dedicated job alerts return twice as many applicants than a job post alone!

Get started today and be sure to add Connect2Hire at checkout or mention it to a member of our sales team.

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