Save Time Spent On Hiring By Up To 90%

Local Eye Site helps you recruit top Eye Care Professionals with online tools that help you work smarter.

Four Solutions to Help with Hiring

Targeted Job Advertising

Attract industry-insiders and appear on top eye care websites.

Applicant Tracking System

Review all your candidates in one place.

Jobseeker Email Blasts

Reach savvy jobseekers waiting for new opportunities.

Candidate Assessments

Immediately know who ranks best and how to interview them.

Reach Quality Candidates

Every job listing on Local Eye Site is promoted through many of the best-known Eye Care institutions, associations, and publications. This helps target your ad to the most qualified pool of job seekers possible.

Simplify Your Hiring Process

With your Local Eye Site account, you’ll have a hiring dashboard that keeps all of your candidate information and files organized in one place. No more dealing with emailed applications and attachments. All of your history is also saved so you can quickly create a new job ad or reference a previous candidate the next time you need to hire.

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Email Thousands of
Jobseekers with One Click

With our ‘Connect2Hire’ jobseeker email blast, you can send your job listing directly to thousands of candidates in our database with just one click. Reach the best candidates even when they’re not actively searching. We have also shown that sending 1 Connect2Hire with your job ad generates twice as many applicants as a job listing alone.

Quickly Identify Top Candidates

Developed by top researchers, the Local Eye Site Assessment is scientifically proven to identify top future performers from your job candidates. Save time by only interviewing high scorers, who are six times less likely to quit or be fired and generate 89% more revenue.

Good exposure. Ya'll are the best for this industry. Thanks!
Robert Szypczak The Eye Site of Bluffton-Hilton Head, South Carolina
This service is excellent. The website is very user friendly and easy to work with.
Magnus Einarsson Sjon Reykjavik - Colorado, USA
I was able to efficiently hire an Optometrist through Local Eye Site! The site was very user friendly and the applicants I received were qualified and professional. I will definitely use Local Eye Site for any future hiring needs!
Wes Johnson, OD Professional Eyecare

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