Applicant Tracking System

Reduce the administrative burden of keeping track of job applications. Streamline your hiring process and organize all candidate information and files in one place.

All Your Data in One Place

Sign in to your employer dashboard to view all applicants in one place. Invite more users involved in the hiring process to collaborate. And with Candidate Assessments , quickly see which candidates are most likely to be strong future job performers.

One-click Control

Send Connect2Hire eblasts from your dashboard instantly, and with one click email your job to thousands of job seekers.

All Your History, Saved

Manage and edit your jobs as often as you’d like, or easily repurpose old posts into great new ads. You’ll always find your account just as you left it. We’ll save all of your account history, so you can keep a record of past candidates that may be a good fit for future job openings!

Hire your next employee powered by our Applicant Tracking System!
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