As an employer, you have to be prepared to manage regular employee transitions. More often than not, there is not much to prepare you for a resignation letter, and two weeks is too little time to find a quality replacement.

In a recent study, Gallup found that 51% of employees are actively looking for a new job or watching for openings. This means that up to half of your current office, could be looking for their next job right now.

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This research proves how important it is to prioritize retaining current employees, and to be always working to attract new employees. It’s necessary in this climate. Here’s a few ways that you can start working on both.

Focus on Building a Desirable Company Brand and Workplace Culture

According to Glassdoor, employees are leaving their current jobs for improvements in salary, workplace culture, or to find new growth opportunities. If you are competitive in your offering of any of these benefits, you want to be certain everyone to be aware of it.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to develop a company brand, to promote all of the many reasons why your eye care organization is a great place to work. Developing an employment brand may seem like quite a challenge, but here are a few ways you can thoughtfully craft your employer brand.

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  • Talk to Customers and Employees: It can be as easy as sending out a survey asking your customers questions like,  “How likely are you recommend our services to a friend?” Or asking a team member, “What do you like best about working here?”  This will provide you a basis for understanding the general loyalty of your customers and team and also gives you the opportunity to learn from the people who are most important to your organization.
  • Identify and Build on Your Strengths:   Using the feedback from the survey, you can sit down with your team and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your practice. This gives your team the opportunity to set goals as a whole and individually and grow together. The greatest benefit from seeking input from current employees is a better sense of ownership.
  • Champion your Brand : After you have figured out what your company is all about, now it’s time to promote it! Making use of Social Media is a good place to start.
  • Stay on Top of Things:  Social media platforms are a great place to broadcast your brand but aren’t the only place. Review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor are both places where feedback from customers and even employees may be recorded. Take comments in stride and use this as an opportunity to go above and beyond.
  • The Benefit/Payoff: By committing to your vision for how to treat your employees, you’re investing in your most important resource. Not only can this reduce turnover and make it easier to attract quality candidates, but you’ll see a higher level of commitment and productivity from your existing employees along the way.

Think Long-Term with Your Hiring Strategy and Always Be Looking for Talent

Give yourself enough time to hire. Our research, after nearly a decade of collecting data on eye care hiring, shows that on average it takes 90 days to find a good fit.

Click here to view our free hiring timeline. It’s important to be posting jobs before you have an immediate opening to fill.

It’s better to plan ahead, and it keeps your name in circulation, which is also great for your employer brand. Consider an annual plan, that gives you access to all of our hiring services all year round at the lowest possible price.

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Keep Your Team Engaged

Gallup also discovered that 68% of employees believe they are overqualified for their current job, meaning they have more education than what’s required for the role. Why not embrace the fact that you have a talented team instead of bore them? What can you do to challenge your team?  Some ways to challenge your team would be company retreats, reimbursement for continuing education, engaging speakers to give motivational talks, partnerships with other area businesses, opportunities to volunteer, and team trainings.

Try out a  few of these ideas this month and see for yourself the positive changes in employment engagement and happiness.

Post a job today as insurance that you’ll always have qualified candidates to hire.