Make work more like free-time by making your colleagues friends

From personal experience, working with people you enjoy being around makes a tremendous difference in your happiness in the workplace. You start to turn the sentence, “ I have to go to work” to “ I get to go to go to work.” We all get excited to see friends and family outside of work but what if you got to see friends at work? Make the effort to connect with your colleagues and watch your happiness grow.

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Avoid assigning blame to yourself or others

It’s easy to hold grudges or be upset about a mistake you or a colleague made, but try your hardest to let it go. Once you start to have to a negative outlook on situation, it’s easy for your mind to take over and steal your happiness.

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Recognize that your work helps you to make a positive impact

Eye care workers make a huge difference in people’s lives. Love yourself and be confident in what you are doing because you change lives even when if don’t realize it.

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Move on if the particular role or company isn’t right for you

If you can’t seem to find happiness where you work now, it’s okay. Maybe the company isn’t for you. It may seem scary to think about finding a new job, but there are many things you can do to ease the stress. One example is to find a online job board where you can sign up for job alerts and see job opening in your career field. Another is to find a supportive online community for job growth. We provide all of these things at Local Eye Site, and our services will help you to find a job.

It’s possible to find your dream job! Remember: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.