Are you interested in finding a career you love? Imagine how different your day would be if you couldn’t wait to get out the door and off to work! We caught up with Kristin Woodard, an accomplished eye care professional, who found her job on Local Eye Site. Read on to learn how Kristen landed a job that she enjoys every day. Here’s 2,000 opportunities for you to get one too.

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1. What drove your career?
I love to work, feeling fulfilled and accomplishing things are very important to me. I love meeting new people and the relationship aspect of my job.

2. Where do you work now and what is your typical workday like?
I work in optical sales for Silhouette, and I cover the Eastern, NC territory. I usually see 4-5 accounts during each day. Sometimes I have a decent drive to get to them or I need to stay in a hotel the night before. I sell them new frames, merchandise their office and train new opticians/optical staff. I want to be a business partner with these Eye Care Professionals to work together in today’s changing optical environment.

3. What kind of training have you done so far for the career you have?
I have a BS in Fashion Merchandising from Meredith College. I spent several years as a pharmaceutical sales representative in eye care. I learned that I missed fashion but loved Eye Care. (I was lucky to have met someone at Local Eye Site who had the idea for me to get into frame sales!)

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4. What is next for you? What are a few of your professional goals?
At this point I’m very happy where I’m at. I would like to be promoted to Silhouette Trainer to help with new hires and to be a leader within the sales representatives. Otherwise this job has the perfect home/work life balance for me and my family.

5. What qualities are you looking for in organizations that you might one day work for? (This could be perks, benefits, compensation, mission, doctor characteristics, etc.)
Coming from Pharma sales, I needed health insurance and 401K, etc. There are a few frame companies that have “employees” instead of 10-99 representatives. I am very lucky to have landed with Silhouette because its a great company that really takes care of its employees. Silhouette provides many of the same benefits that I was used to in pharmaceutical sales.

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6. What has been your greatest accomplishment?
I have twin seven year olds. I most proud of them and my 15 year marriage to my husband. But professionally I would say really loving my job and going to work every day. I truly love what I do! It’s crazy that loving what you do is an accomplishment, but I feel so lucky to be here.