It’s never too late to invest in your career. Many of us feel like it’s too difficult to devote more time or money to our careers, yet very often we feel regret and wish we would have done things differently.

Let’s not forget that as an eye care professional, you are making a difference, and that’s something a lot of people are searching for in a career.

However, in order to make the most impact and have a career that will make you feel proud, you’ll need to develop the knowledge and vitality to give it your best. Here’s how you can take some big steps forward today.


Prioritize Education

Above other material purchases, education secures the best return on your investment when looking at your income potential from a salary. Although you deserve to treat yourself now and then, when looking at your long-term plans for savings and investment, there should be a plan for continuing and ongoing education.

Sometimes these costs are higher, like a certification program, but other costs are more affordable like joining an association or subscribing to a publication. All of these options provide invaluable information, resources, and credibility.

Start with this list of eye care educators, associations, and publications, who are also our partners.

Also remember that a smart investment doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s a list of incredible scholarship opportunities that support learning through JCAHPO, and be on the lookout for information about Local Eye Site’s ophthalmic tech scholarship. The application period will open later this year.

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Don’t Skip Over Health

You’ll be able to perform the best and feel your best at work if you’re in tip top shape. Remember that healthy habits like an active lifestyle, nutrition-rich eating, quality sleep, stress management, and authentic relationship development is like fuel for your achievement potential.

In the long run, especially if we’re looking at avoiding regret, you’ll be glad you invested in taking care of yourself. Health enables us to have longer careers where we have the energy and clarity of mind to make good decisions. You’ll exude a genuine enthusiasm that tends to attract professional growth and promotion.

How can it be best managed? We suggest using an electronic calendar (like Google Calendar or iCal) to schedule in time for exercise, meal prep, meditation, social engagement, or therapy. Basically, make time for health.

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Plan Ahead and Make Plans Big

There is no reason why you can’t live your best life. Read over that sentence again. There is no reason why you can’t live your best life!

We all have challenges and it’s true that some are far greater than others. However, your own mind controls the limits of your thoughts. If you think that you can’t go any further in your career because of something you’re telling yourself, stop and ask: Is this thing I’m telling myself even true?

Have you actually written out the steps necessary to reach your goals? Who in your current practice could you talk to about your professional plans? You’d be surprised how interested the doctor would be in getting a coffee with you. You are already an important member of the team!

Maybe a Senior Tech role could be created for you where you could be involved in company decisions or help to hire other doctors for the practice.

If you are already an Ophthalmologist or an OD, and feel at the top of your practice, you can still think big. Are you ready to join the board of directors at a hospital or nonprofit? Where are your dream locations to practice? Is there service work that would further challenge you? Here’s a story from Doctors Without Borders on an eye camp in Somalia that helped 600 people.

Search jobs on Local Eye Site, and subscribe to job alerts always, even if you’re not looking. Looking at new opportunities will help you to be thinking about new opportunity always.

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If you keep these smart investments in mind throughout your career, you should find your career trajectory to be more rewarding and successful. If you are in a need of an immediate change to get your career in the right spot, definitely search for new opportunities on Local Eye Site now.