If you are searching for a job in ophthalmology, optometry or optical, you’ll find plenty of opportunities posted on Local Eye Site. As jobseeker, you can sign up and access great features, designed specifically for professionals like you, which can be accessed online for free.

Industry specific job boards are superior tools for your search. Read on to see what all you can do by signing up.

1. Search for and apply for jobs

Filter your job search preferences by location, full/part time and whether you’re an active or passive job seeker.

2. Upload your application documents

Conveniently upload documents such as your resume, CV, cover letter, references, etc. You only have to upload these files once in order for them to be viewed by all employers once an application is submitted. Gone are the days of submitting the same files hundreds of times!
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3. Create a profile & select the position you are looking for

Let’s be real, searching for a new job is a full-time job in itself. One of the most time-consuming and difficult aspects of applying for jobs is sorting through the massive amount of listings. Local Eye Site increases your productivity by only displaying the jobs that you are qualified for.
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4. Subscribe to job alerts

Applying for a job early increases your chance of being noticed by employers. Set your profile to notify you when now jobs are posted. Apply for freshly-posted opportunities, and up your chance of getting an interview.
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5. Chat with us online

Having trouble? Feel free to message us and a customer support representative will be available to assist and walk you through any technical issues!
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Even if you are not looking for a job now, you can still sign up and stay in-the-know on what is out there, keep your finger on a city where you’d like to relocate, or leverage job information to help you better negotiate salary based on the demand for workers in your field.

Now that you know the many things you can do with a jobseeker account, let’s get started on finding you a dream career move!