Finding a job at an eye care practice, hospital, or institution can be a real and significant challenge. There’s no question that there are a number of hurdles to overcome in the job search process, and there’s rarely good advice that comes along when you need it the most. The following tips are pieces of advice I received in my career search, so hopefully these will help you along in your quest for the perfect job.

1. Have an Open Mind

This is a tough pill to swallow, but having an open mind about what type of job you want and where you want it is an important part of the job search process. I’m not saying you can’t have a job in your field in the city of your choosing, but I am saying that sometimes – especially in your career – it’s good to get some experience elsewhere for a time before you get a great job in your dream location. It’s really all about competition, and in competitive markets, you have to go out of your way to stand out if you want the job.

2. Leverage Your Networks

Your local and online networks are excellent resources for your job search. There’s a saying that it’s not so much about what you know, but rather, who you know when it comes to getting a job. We all know that’s only partially true (especially in a field as specialized as eye care), but it still holds some level of merit. Reach out to colleagues in your field and see what they’re up to. You never know what opportunities will present themselves!

3. Be Discerning 

More likely than not, friends and colleagues will try to give you some advice during the job search process. Although bits of wisdom may seem well-intended, it’s important to remember that not all advice should be taken as pure, true, or completely applicable to your situation. Only you and those closest to you can really make the final decisions you’re faced with in your career. The key is to be discerning and know when to take advice and from whom.

4. Let Your Personal Brand Shine

Your personal brand is essentially who you are as a candidate and a working professional. This encompasses your personality, work styles, and talents. It’s critical in the job search process that you let this part of you shine through to employers, because at the end of the day, employers want to hire someone who’s going to be the best fit for their office.

5. Maintain a Professional Posture

Professionalism is a simple, yet glaringly obvious, quality to possess during the job search. Most employers desire to recruit professionals who not only know their stuff, but also exude confidence and professionalism in the face of customers, patients, and staff. Don’t underestimate the power of professionalism in your job search!

6. Clean Up Social Media

Believe it or not, employers these days are all over social media. If you apply for a job, you better believe that someone is going to look at your social profiles, especially if you make them accessible through your resume or in your email signature. A good idea during the job search is to go back and double-check your profiles to make sure everything looks presentable to employers.

7. Follow Through

At the end of the day, everyone likes to be acknowledged for their time and effort in the recruitment process. Regardless of whether or not you feel like you performed well in an interview, make sure you follow up with a thank-you card or email. This small act will not only elevate your name above the competition, it could also make a lasting impression on an employer, event if they don’t hire you this time around.

The job search isn’t easy, and there’s hardly a right way for everyone to go about it. The key to a successful job search is to maintain patience throughout the process. Following the tips above will help you get there, but they won’t be the only things you need to land the job. Stay tuned for more information on your eye care job search right here on Local Eye Site!



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