Are you aware you have a personal brand? You may think it is a bit odd because a brand is usually something that is attached to a corporation, but you do have an identity unique to yourself. It is something you can use to establish meaningful career connections and business relationships. Make no mistake about it, you should be managing that personal brand of yours. Successful supervision of it can help you as you move through the working world.

Who Are You?

That isn’t just a question for philosophical pondering. The first part of developing your online personal brand is deciding why you want to have an online presence in the first place. Social media can be so much more than just a place to gossip and make friends. You can connect with other people for job opportunities or to promote a product. Once you have decided the reason for using social media the next step is to determine what you intend your audience to be. This could be colleagues in your profession, prospective customers, or employers. You can develop your message which can be promoting yourself as an informed source, advocating a given cause, or highlighting a service or product.

Pick Your Platforms

There are so many social media platforms you can take advantage of in order to promote your personal brand. The major ones are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. If you are sending a message across the various platforms it can be tedious to post on every single one. It is why dashboards like HootSuite are going to help you. HootSuite allows you to update quite a few of the major social media platforms from one location. You can also schedule a time of day or day of the week you would like to have your message sent out. Google+ and LinkedIn both have communities that you can join and share in the conversation. It can help enhance your credibility as an informed source. If you want to do some blogging then WordPress is a good place to set up shop. Investigate certain keywords to put into your blogs so that traffic heads to your content.

Stay Consistent

Your personal information must be the same regardless of what platform you use and that includes your picture. Keep in mind people are going to be viewing you and your expertise. This will require you use social media primarily for professional reasons. You cannot afford to have pictures of yourself at the last party be online because this can diminish your reputation. It will certainly hurt you if employment recruiters are checking your Facebook page. You may want to look back at all of the threads you have posted over the last 6 to 12 months, deleting those that are too controversial or downright silly.

What are the Overall Benefits? Should you wonder what the real benefits are of managing a personal brand, they include the following:

• Potential Clients

• Closer Identification with a Market Niche

• Greater Credibility

• Enhanced Recognition

• Beneficial Partnerships and Relationships

• Leadership Opportunities

Effective management of your personal brand is not something you do only once a week. You should set aside some time each day to either add new content or respond to any postings. The good news is that the time can be as little as 30 minutes a day. This can be sufficient for maintaining a fresh and informative presence. Too many people view online social media as a glorified gossip center. It has the potential to make a positive impact on your career. The time you spend developing your personal brand is worth every minute. Take advantage of the opportunity to promote yourself all over the web.



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