Video Chat

As new technologies emerge, the way employers locate, screen, interview, and hire candidates has changed over time. Conducting video interviews can be excellent way to connect with long distance candidates and local candidates as well. More importantly, video interviewing can help your practice or organization bring their recruiting methods into the modern era. Here are three simple ways video interviews might aid in streamlining your hiring process:


Narrow Your Candidate Pool


Today’s economy has broadened the candidate pool for nearly every available position. Employers are receiving about 85 to 200 graduates competing for new positions. With this large volume of job seekers, employers need to find new ways to process candidates so as to avoid wasting large amounts of time on interviewing unqualified applicants in-person. Using one-way or live video interview systems allows recruiters to view the interviews at any time and reference the recording again if need be. With video technology, employers can effectively interview a larger number of candidates in a shorter amount of time.

Attracts Passive Candidates


Sometimes, it can seem nearly impossible to schedule an interview with a prodigious passive candidate. Thanks to video interviews, passive candidates have the opportunity to schedule an interview around their busy schedules (and yours). This also eliminates the trouble of getting lost on the way to the interview or getting stuck in traffic like we all dread on the way to the office. Naturally, connectivity to the internet is a must, so ensure this is possible before engaging in a live video interview.

Increased Collaboration


Implementing video interview systems means assisting collaboration with the entire team, which makes it simpler for recruiters to hire the most competent candidate. Videos allow employers to share information about potential candidates with the entire department looking for that best fit. In addition, it gives the whole team an idea of whom they might be working with and offer some insight about the candidate.

Video interviewing is effective in many ways including: connecting with candidates who can’t make it to the interview due to distance, quickly hiring the right candidate, connecting with passive candidates, and ensuring collaboration with everyone on the team. The time is now to take your recruiting process to the next level, and you can be sure to find the best candidates quicker and easier using video technology.


A Guide to Video Interviews with Local Candidates