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At Local Eye Site, we really appreciate all of our great employers. Every month, one employer is highlighted as a Featured Employer to give you – the job seeker – a little more insight into the types of employers who are hiring in the eye care industry. Whether it’s a new company looking to hire for the first time, an established employer who’s been around the hiring block once or twice, or a well-known company with ongoing hiring needs – they all have one thing in common: They need quality people like YOU to get the job done! Check back here each month for a new featured employer, but first allow us to introduce this month’s Local Eye Site Featured employer:


Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A (CEENTA) is a comprehensive eye, ear, nose and throat health care provider with 14 locations in and around the Charlotte, NC metro area. For the job-seeking eye care professional, CEENTA is an excellent place to begin or advance your career in the eye care industry. First and foremost, CEENTA knows how to treat their employees right by ensuring a comfortable and quality working environment. CEENTA also offers competitive health benefits packages to their employees and their families in addition to other benefits such as earned time off, flexible scheduling and employee discounts. It’s safe to say that if you work for CEENTA, you can rest-assured that you’ll be taken care of while you’re there! Check out their website for a list of other benefits available to their employees. Another reason why CEENTA is a preferable place to continue your career in eye care is due to the fact that CEENTA is an organization that is dedicated to making a difference in the community.  By volunteering their time, talents, and energy to a program known as CEENTACares, CEENTA employees strive to improve the community in which they live and work through fund-raising, volunteer work, and other acts of charity on a regular basis. Check out their website for a list of current projects CEENTA employees are participating in to better their community! Finally, CEENTA is an organization deeply rooted in a history of providing excellent medical care to their patients for over 90 years. This means that as a health care provider, they’re probably not going anywhere soon – which means working there is likely to be an experience worth sticking around for. As a job seeker, part of your objective in finding a place to work is to ensure that you find a place that will ultimately benefit you and your career in the long run.  If you’re searching for a nurturing place to begin or advance your career in the eye care industry, CEENTA appears to be an excellent place to do it.


So there you have it! The July Featured Employer – Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.! If you would like more information about working at CEENTA, or to apply for one of their available positions on Local Eye Site, then we encourage you to check out their Featured Employer page. Who knows – you may just be the one they’re looking for! Search Open Positions at CEENTA *The monthly Featured Employer Program is a paid advertisement.