At Local Eye Site, we really appreciate all of our great employers. Every month, one employer is highlighted as a Featured Employer to give you – the job seeker – a little more insight into the types of employers who are hiring in the eye care industry. Whether it’s a new company looking to hire for the first time, an established employer who’s been around the hiring block once or twice, or a well-known company with ongoing hiring needs – they all have one thing in common: They need quality people like YOU to get the job done! Check back here each month for a new featured employer, but first allow us to introduce this month’s LES featured employer:


National Vision, Inc. is an excellent company to work with for several reasons. For one, they pay close attention to the needs and concerns of their Doctors and associates. When asked, Doctors and associates at National Vision cited great hours, competitive salary, and excellent benefits among other things as their primary reasons for choosing to work for this organization.  Other reasons for employment included a generally positive attitude within the company, a good sense of job stability, progressive corporate leadership, and a focus on patient care – to name a few.  Based on these responses, it’s clear that the folks at National Vision listen to what their employees have to say about their company, which is why when asked in an interview, National Vision responded that most of their employees find working at the company fun, engaging, and fulfilling. In addition to listening to their employees, National Vision also maintains a focus on serving the community by supporting and encouraging participation with a number of charitable eye care organizations such as SVOSH & VOSH Missions, Vision Spring,, Frames for the World, Optometry Giving Sight, Prevent Blindness America, and the Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry.  Furthermore, National Vision promotes serving for the greater good by focusing their charitable efforts on improving the vision of individuals at the local / state level, nationally, and even globally. From this value orientation, many of their patients receive eye care from National Vision that they otherwise would not have received on a daily basis. The last reason National Vision is a great company to work for is due to their primary focus on customer satisfaction. When interviewed, National Vision explained how they focus on customer service at their organization. Here’s what they had to say: “Customer Satisfaction is vitally important and a key measurable in our stores. We use the “Net Promoter Score” metric on a monthly basis to measure how stores are progressing. This system asks our customers one question, ‘Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?’ The results and comments allow us to continually address concerns and refine our service.” So there you have it! February’s Featured Employer – National Vision, Inc. with locations nationwide.  If you would like more information about working at National Vision, Inc., or to apply for one of their available positions on Local Eye Site, then we encourage you to check out their Featured Employer page.  Who knows, you may just be the one they’re looking for! Search Open Positions at National Vision Sources:, Interview *Note: The monthly Featured Employer Program is a paid advertisement, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Local Eye Site, LLC.