In the age of technology, posting an open position online is an excellent way to advertise your organization’s need for a new hire. More people are searching for jobs online than ever before, so it’s important that your job post is written in such a way that will not only attract job seekers to read it, but will entice qualified candidates to follow through and apply for it.  Here are 6 tips and suggestions we’ve come up with that we feel will help you in your effort to hire that perfect candidate. 1. Use a Logo Although relatively simple, attaching a company logo to your job post can help prospective employees identify you company as a legitimate employer and establish your employment brand within the job search community – regardless of the size of your company. By simply uploading your company’s logo to your job post, you’re working to promote your organization while simultaneously reinforcing the legitimacy of your company to the job seeker. It has been through our experience that we have noticed that employers who upload a logo were more likely to have a greater number of better-qualified applicants apply to their job than those who declined to do so.  So, before you post that job – hit up the marketing department for a nice and shiny logo for your job post. 2. Be Transparent This may seem like a no-brainer, but job seekers crave transparency from potential employers.  If you’ve shrouded your job post in anonymity for the sake of privacy, you may be doing more harm than good in your search for a new employee.  Through our experience, we have noticed that job seekers tend to shy away from companies who refuse to display the name or logo of their organization – thus the company who posted that job tends to see lower-than-average application numbers after several days online.  Our recommendation is to at least display the name or logo of the organization to gain the trust of job seekers and further develop your employment brand. 3. Include Information On Your Company’s Location Oftentimes, employers who are looking for a new employee are faced with the task of overcoming the “where the heck is Smalltownville, USA?” problem.  If this is the case for you and your organization, then know you’re not alone.  An easy way to help remedy this situation is to offer additional information in your job post that helps job seekers become familiar with your company’s obscure location.  This information could include details such as local attractions, national parks in the area, fun facts about the town or surrounding area, and even information about the weather, climate, and people in the community.  You’d be surprised on how just a little bit of information about your area can attract prospective employees who just needed that little nudge to help them overcome the fear of the unknown. 4. Be Descriptive One thing we see far too often from employers in a job post is that they tend to skimp on the juicy details of the available position. When job seekers are shopping for a potential career opportunity, they tend to gravitate towards the more succulent description with compelling key words, salary ranges, benefits packages, and other selling points that make them want to apply for the job. Not to mention that job seekers may read ten, twenty, or even thirty (or more) job descriptions in one sitting, so be descriptive and strategic in your job post to attract more attention from quality candidates. 5. Use Online Resources When posting a job online for prospective employees to view and apply for, its best to be aware of all the potential ways to advertise that particular post to ensure maximum exposure of your opportunity to job seekers.  There are several online resources employers can use to promote their job, especially if they post their job on Local Eye Site.  One such resource is the Connect2Hire E-Mail that employers have the option of using with each job post they purchase.  This E-Mail function is unique to Local Eye Site, and it allows employers to select a targeted group of job seekers and deliver their  job post to that specific audience. Another way to promote job posts is to utilize your company’s social media outlets to announce your hiring endeavor. Although employers who post on Local Eye Site already gain exposure on Local Eye Site’s numerous Social Media outlets, it’s always best to follow up on your own networks to insure maximum exposure, if your company allows. 6. Make Yourself Stand Out The final tip we have for you about posting a job online is to do something to make yourself stand out from the competition.  With several organizations fighting for the attention of the same pool of applicants, it’s difficult to know who’s winning the battle and who’s missing out.  One way you can make your organization stand out to a job seeker is by providing an opportunity for the prosepctive employee to get to know your organization a little better.  This can be achieved by simply providing a link to your company’s YouTube page with a video about what it’s like to work at your company. Furthermore, you can include information about your corporate culture in the job description. These things can really make a big impact in helping a job seeker to decide whether or not they’re going to submit an application for your job. Another way you can make your organization stand out that is exclusive to Local Eye Site employers is becoming the Featured Employer of the Month.  As the Featured Employer, your company would enjoy a unique landing page reserved specifically for your employment brand, a custom blog post on your company, logo placement on the LES homepage, and tons of promotion on the LES social networking platforms.  This added exposure serves to drive more web traffic to your job postings on Local Eye Site, and can sometimes expedite the hiring process. *Founder’s Tip: Title Your Post for Search Engine Optimization One final recommendation for job post success, as noted by the founder of Local Eye Site, is that you should title your job slots with universally recognizable titles such as “Optometrist” or “Ophthalmic Technician” for SEO purposes.  Using obscure, internal titles in job postings can make it harder for job seekers to find your post when performing a simple Google search. By using simple, common, and recognizable job titles, you’re making it easier for Google to associate your job post with common search terms – thus giving your job post more exposure in a natural Google search and increasing the likelihood that your job will be found online. Overall, there is no one way to construct a job post that will guarantee success each and every time you post a job. There is only so much one can do to promote an open position at any company, so you might as well give it your all in the process to substantially increase your chances for success.  Poorly written job postings simply don’t attract as many job seekers as those that are fully developed, so it is our recommendation that you follow some, if not all, of these simple suggestions we’ve laid out for you today in this post. For more information, or to post your job on Local Eye Site today, then feel free to comment to this post!